Saturday, April 16, 2011

Singledom Boredom

Lately I have noticed that life has been pretty boring for me if not sad. For days I have been trying to figure out the main reason why I'm bored. least I know is that I have been feeling this way since I got here in Cali. I thought I was just been missing my friends back home or the scene in Denver until last night when my friend told me  that "I'm glad you're still enjoying your life being single." that is before she told me she's getting married. Bunch of dikes.

I have never been in a long term relationship since second year college, and I have been seeing all of my friends recently moving on having committed relationship of their own while I'm slowly being left behind stuck being the selfish club boy that I am. Before you start saying something, this is not a pity plea, so please let's not start a pity party cause that's the last thing I need right now. I would rather hear what my friend told me about enjoying my single life though I know she meant the opposite but at least she doesn't rub it in. I hate it when couples say the most stupid things to single people like they haven't been single themselves before. "you need someone jack. Well look at us. Don't we look happy?" For straights, yes. For gay couples, I don't know, gay couples won't have the same happiness heteros have because gay people don't have the same civil liberties straight people have. Until then, marriage will only be a ceremony.

I don't like to see the sympathy parade cause I'm not rejecting the fact that being not alone makes a person happy. And singledom is not really that bad at all, in fact I do enjoy it but people always get tired when things never change. Especially in the "scene," it never changes, the dancing, the sex, the immaturity and the illusion of being forever young. With all the hook ups, one night stands and short term relationships (or the failed long term relationships) that I had, I think I have had enough. Then again, please, I don't need sympathies, I need a slap of reality and a slap to shake off my boredom.

I'm feeling better now. I'm just gonna stare at those hot hunks at the beach knowing that I'll still be alone tomorrow. I'm just bored being single.

Single Gay guy, Asian top here. anybody?

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