Monday, May 17, 2010

Straightening strengthening

Sorry guys, I have not been updating as planned. It's not that Jack has lost his luster, I hope you don't see it that way. Been very busy.

I have been dating recently trying to get back in the saddle. I already lost hope of a happily ever after between me and Nokia so I started dating again. Last weekend, I was in the mall checking out some boys at the Gap store when I saw my girl classmate back in high school. So we chatted a bit and in a spontaneous weird way, I lost control of my body and my body openly asked her out on a date. We dated yesterday.

Remember from the last paragraph I said "I started dating again"? Well, what I was really trying to say is that, "I started dating men again" So yesterday was quite different cause I haven't been dating a girl ever since a long long time ago in a galaxy far far away. My skills in handling girls have gotten rusty. I took her to a posh steak house and I had steak and she had salmon and we drank wine. Seems like a romantic date? well not really cause that's the only thing that happened. We talked about high school and some stuffs but there were awkward silences between topics.  I discussed to her the beauty of the stock market and the business I'm in and cars that I like but she got bored and opened the topic about dresses and fashion. But she failed to impress me cause I know my brands (Well, what do you want my new D&G eye glasses to say to her puny liz claibornes ).
IN SHORT, the date was an epic fail!

It's just easier to date men. Maybe because I relate to men more than women cause I'm one of them ( men technically). Women for me are too complicated. After the date, thoughts were flying around my mind asking myself "are you sure you're still bi?" I can't deny that sex with men is much more fun than women but then again as I was cleaning the windshield of my car this morning and trying to remove the sticker mark (that thing that sticks and gets dirty when you rip a sticker) but can't, I realized that women are complicated but their complications are really worth the adventure. And the memories from those adventures sticks to you even how hard you try to remove it like the sticker mark..

I'm sleepy! good night.

Saturday, May 8, 2010


I looked in the mirror this morning and asked myself "Am  I vain?"

I have noticed that I have been staying longer in the bathroom than I usually do. This morning, it took me 2 hours in the bathroom which includes the 1hour and 30 minutes doing my thing in the shower. Immediately after brushing, I stick a whitening plastic thing on my teeth  for 30 minutes. Before removing that whitening stuff, I apply a tea tree facial wash, tea tree scrub and tea tree skin toner on my face. Then I apply a seaweed skin pore protector. Then the moisturizer just after removing the plastic thing from my teeth.

After all that, I looked in the mirror and asked myself that question above. When I was just about to leave the bathroom, I suddenly realized that I was forgetting something. SUN BLOCK. My SPF 75 sunblock answered my question. Am I vain? The extreme heat has made those vanity stuff a necessity. Believe me, think of the hottest place you could think of (but not hell) then think hotter. That's how hot Manila is right now. Even my dog, a Siberian husky is having a hard time. We even have to place him in an air conditioned room and have him drink Gatorade (orange flavor only) all the time to prevent him from fainting. Manila is sizzling!
And I'm hot.

I usually have a tanned skin tone but the heat has caused my skin to darken, and caused my face to become more oily and prone to being dirty. Before being that vain, my skin was sticky and unpretty. Now they have restored and maintain my skin in its prime state (rosy smooth and light.) It's not like I don't like having a dark skin complexion, but most of my clothes are best worn with my lightened skin state. But for the teeth whitening, well it's just maintenance. It's really not just about being good looking, it's about being comfortable with myself.

So am I vain? yes but being vain is a necessity.

Monday, May 3, 2010

a bottle of hypocrisy

Sorry guys, I have been trying to update for the past few days but I have been sidetracked by work and alcohol. The only thing I did with my laptop yesterday was to update my facebook status. Stress and alcohol are really creativity blockers. I'm turning back to the workaholic alcoholic bastard that I once was.

As I said, alcohol has been running around my veins for the past 6 days now. That goes without saying that I'm still a little boozy as I'm typing this now. I have been drinking "jack coke" (jack daniel's and coke. yum!) and vodka for the past couple of days now. Last night, I started to immerse myself (literally) to the world of wines. Last night I went out with my macho hot straight friends from my high school days. We went to this posh wine bar which I shelled out 500 bucks for my share in the wine bottle (My credit card company will be happy at the end of the month, but I won't). Like any typical hot macho straight guys, the topics were hot chicks and sex experiences. Everyone gave a story, but I wasn't behind. They look up to me like the master player but they don't know the girls in my stories are actually guys.Another topic of that evening was the controversial video of one of our guy friend kissing another guy. Apparently he was just dared to do that, but all of my friends including me condemned him.

I can say my friends are homophobes but after that drinking session, I felt I was the one with the issue.
I felt like a total hypocrite. My reaction after seeing the video of that friend who kissed another guy were so hypocrite. It's like every comment I gave was like a slap to my own face. I want to be totally out but I'm the one keeping myself locked up.

Tonight I chilled with Ro and went to an Italian bistro where we had a bottle of Italian wine. I felt so shitty before meeting up with him but when we met and talked and I told him about what happened last night, I felt relieved. Maybe it was the right decision to be partially "out" after all. At least I don't have to be a complete hypocrite.