Sunday, February 27, 2011

New closet, same Jack.

Woke-up one morning last week smelling like gay sex after a night of heavy partying and jail-time. Didn't know where I was, though my BF was beside me which made me felt safe. In the bathroom, I caught myself staring at the mirror trying hard to recognize who the gay twat in the reflection was. I guess a lot has changed.

For the past couple of months the closest I can get to blogging was my facebook status. I dropped all the drama back in Manila; and I'm now living a servantless, loserish lifestyle managing alone our new bookstore in Denver, Colorado. I finally bought that dog, a husky, though I left the little bugger back home. And of course, if you haven't noticed above, I have a new boyfriend (blonde, obviously my type). Yes, you heard that right.

Not everything changed. Still gay but my gay friends here in Denver call me a "heteroflexible"; still in the closet though I opened up a bit, still top, same friends with new ones; same annoying family; Same look and same size.It's still me but in a whole different plot, I said that like my life's a Tv-series; perhaps drama and sitcom combined.

So I guess things worked out pretty well so far eh?

"Jack is Back"